Bulk Freezer beef

Half and Quarter Beef

Price: $5.50/ lb 

This price is based on hanging weight of the quarter or half.  We pay processing and customers will receive finished product that is vacuum sealed and frozen. 

We have halves and quarters available for pick-up. Due to such high demand we are setting aside quarters on every beef that we butcher. These are a standard cut that offer a wide variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef. Bones, suet, and organs are also included. A quarter beef usually fills a 120 quart igloo cooler or more. 

Customers can also order quarters or halves cut to their own specifications. We typically butcher once per month. 

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Half or Whole Pigs

We currently have beautiful Berkshire and Yorkshire pigs. Half and Whole pigs will be available in late June.  We charge the same price as beef. $5.50/lb of hanging weight. A pig can weigh 175-200 lbs. 

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